Friday, October 28, 2016

Early snow and charismatic megafauna!

Yesterday the southern Berkshires received an early dose of winter, anywhere from 1-4" depending on elevation.  Here at the Kellogg Center, fairly low in elevation, the snow was enough to set off the remaining fall foliage.  It is rare that we get a nor'easter that brings snow in October, and of course it was short-lived as sleet, rain and slightly warmer temps came in behind and began to rapidly melt it away.


This morning as I was coming in to work, a movement across the street caught my eye - it was a REALLY large bird soaring over the property.  It took me a minute to realize it was a bald eagle!  I watched it for a moment as it landed in the field and then was harassed by some crows and lit in a tree above the house.  After taking a few photos I looked across the street to find a road-killed deer which had attracted the majestic bird.  Interestingly, it looked like the deer had been dragged by coyotes from the edge of the road out into the field.  Passing motorists had no idea what was going on just outside their window!  Very cool!