Monday, March 21, 2016

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Early spring is the perfect time to undertake pruning efforts on trees, so ATC recently hosted an educational workshop at the Kellogg Center for community members interested in learning to prune and care for their fruit trees.  A feature of the property is an apple orchard that was planted in 1996 by then-owner Ms. Mary Margaret Kellogg.  The orchard has not received the attention required over the years and is now in need of some drastic efforts to bring it up to snuff.  This type of situation provides for a plethora of good examples of what types of cuts to undertake to promote good structure, increase fruit production, and minimize harm or damage to the tree.  Our instructor, Tom Ingersoll of Ingersoll Land Care, is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.  He could literally talk for days on the subject and not repeat himself!  This is an annual offering at the Kellogg Center, so keep an eye out next spring and join us!