Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Raising the Roof

The Kellogg Conservation Center got a new roof earlier this summer.  The existing asphalt shingles had deteriorated and were growing moss, and the gutters were regularly failing.  Since these two features have to be in good working order to protect the historic 1744 structure, ATC decided to invest in a new cedar shingle roof and copper gutters.  Due to a Historic Preservation Restriction on the buildings, we are limited to the type of roof coverings we can install.  Our options are to either replace with existing materials (asphalt) or install red cedar shingles. While this is a big-ticket item, we hope that the pressure-treated cedar will last considerably longer than replacing with asphalt.  Plus it looks really sharp!  The roof on the house now matches the barn roof, which was re-done in 2013.  While some of the outbuildings still have asphalt shingles, gradually we will replace those with cedar as well. The entire project took approximately 2 months from start to finish and our partners at Historic New England were very helpful with advice when planning the project.
Before, south side

Before, north side

Ice and Water shield is on, first courses of shingles started on west side of ATC offices

Soldering the copper gutters

Cedar roof and copper gutters on the ATC office

Front part of the 1744 house, with barn in background

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