Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Local Color

The flower gardens at the KCC are brilliant this time of year.  Below are a few photos of the gardens around the office on the south side of the building.  ATC has been working the past two years to improve these beds and reinvigorate them.  Thanks to the donation of expert advice, materials, and labor by Greg and Christine Ward of Ward's Nursery and Garden Center in Great Barrington (as well as other dedicated vols), we have been able to steadily bring a flush of seasonal color to highlight the property.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring projects herald the arrival of summer

As spring is giving way to summer - albeit a little more slowly than normal - the warmer weather is allowing us to address some lingering facilities issues such as rotten clapboards, painting needs, and gutters.  These issues are pretty much a constant on an old structure and the earliest part of the KCC dates to 1744.  Super volunteer Frank Morrison has been instrumental this spring in helping me assess and prioritize the work that needs to happen and how to go about getting it done.  He makes the trip out from Boston for a couple of days each week and his advice and skill as a tradesman has been invaluable.  Below are photos of him and his friend Owen putting a fresh coat of paint on the garage that houses all of the Appalachian Mountain Club's program tools and equipment.  The front of the structure was rotting away where the corner boards met the paved pad in front of the door, as were the first few courses of clapboards.  The gutters need attention as well, but that will probably not happen until next year.

Summer is also heralded in by the advent of haying season.  Old New Englanders had a saying that went something to the effect of "a rainy May means a barn full of hay".  I don't think our May was particularly rainy this year, but the hay has been growing.  Louis Aragi, of Pine Island Farm in Sheffield, showed up yesterday to begin this years first cutting.  He has a pretty well-oiled operation and they made short work of the fields.  The hay will go to feed his dairy cows.