Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Day of Gracious Living

Students from nearby Berkshire School returned to the Kellogg Center property to participate in Gracious Living Day, which is a school-wide day of community service.  We received 6 hardworking students and 2 teachers (also hardworking!) that lent a hand to continue with spring clean up projects that were lingering after Saturday's annual volunteer workday.  ATC greatly appreciate's Berkshire School's interest in helping out in the community and several of the students had even spent time working or hiking on the A.T. via the Elbow Trail which is a blue-blaze side trail that leaves right from campus and is maintained by the students.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

7th Annual Volunteer Workday

The 7th Annual KCC Volunteer Workday on Saturday April 12th started with dense fog and cool temps which quickly yielded to spectacular spring sunshine and warmth.  It was a glorious day to be outdoors in the Berkshires and a record number of volunteers (28) - including 12 from the Madeiros family - undertook a wide variety of projects to help make the grounds considerably more vibrant and ready for the summer season.  The projects included garden restoration, farm gate installation, raking and re-seeding, fence removal, landscaping, staining of the barn,  and painting prep (scraping) on the house.  This is a great example of how volunteers of a variety of ages and possessing a diverse skill set can come together and all be engaged in what is going - there really is something for everybody to do.  Following the workday was the traditional BBQ provided by ATC.  It can safely be said that fun was had by all!

Special thanks to: Ward's Nursery in Great Barrington, Frank Morrison, and the Madeiros Family
Signing in

Scraping paint

Garden restoration

Mother and daughter gardeners

Staining the barn

Installing new farm gates


A future AT trailbuilder and her helpers 

Accepted gardening practice: watering new plants with...Budweiser??