Friday, October 25, 2013

Volunteers with Skills

As the government shutdown reared its head earlier this month and AT volunteers were prohibited from accessing the AT (a unit of the National Park Service) to perform their normal volunteer duties, on a whim I extended an invitation to the CT and MA AT clubs asking whether anyone would be interested in helping me out at the Kellogg Center while we waited for the shutdown to end. ATC was in the middle of staining the larger barn (last done 20 years ago) and also had several other projects going on.  I received one response from a volunteer named Frank Morrison from Boston who informed me that he runs a painting crew and would like to come out and finish staining the barn if we were interested.  This was welcome news as we had completed the short east and west sides using rollers and scaffolding, but the soaring gable ends were still left to do with cooler weather coming quickly.  Frank and his associate Jamir came out and in about a day and a half finished up the job using a paint sprayer.  They also donated a large amount of stain as well as some other miscellaneous materials.  They completed in a short amount of time what would have taken myself and another ATC employee several weeks to finish because of interruptions, shifting priorities, weather, etc etc.   The barn looks excellent and is now protected from wear and weather for a while longer and the new stain nicely complements the new cedar roof and copper gutters.