Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Non-traditional Volunteer Opportunities at the KCC

A few moments ago, a local volunteer trail maintainer stopped by to drop off his application for the upcoming chainsaw certification course.  I had been talking with him this past weekend at the Massachusetts AT Volunteer Gathering and it came to light that he was a semi-retired plumbing and heating specialist.  Managing an ageing historic house happens to be among my various duties on this property and my eyes lit up when he told me this.  I am always looking for AT volunteers with a skill set that is useful to the Kellogg Conservation Center outside of the traditional trail work that goes on along the AT.  In this case, after climbing around the basement for 15 minutes or so, he was able to give me some inside tips and discuss options for updating our heating system that will potentially save us some money on a short return.  As he was leaving, I reminded him to keep up with his hours that he spent driving to/from the KCC and also the time he had spent on site with me.  All are valid to be counted at the end of the year, although they would not be submitted to the National Park Service since the KCC is solely ATC-owned.  Regardless, ATC wants to know about volunteer hours such as this.  I think this is a great indicator of what volunteerism looks like moving into the future.  We need folks with a variety of skill sets (gardening, heating/plumbing, engineering, carpentry, forestry, etc) to round out our volunteer corps and provide unique solutions to problems we face day-to-day on the trail and on surrounding properties such as the KCC.  If you think you have a skill that might be useful, and feel like joining us, please do not hesitate to speak up and volunteer your time and services.  We need you!


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